1318 Residences is a full serviced dormitel in the heart of Manila’s university district.

We set a new and higher standard in living quarters for college students, designed to provide a comfortable living environment that is conducive and stimulating for studying and learning even when the student-resident is off-campus.

• Well-appointed rooms with individual study areas and private toilet and baths.  

• A nurturing place that seeks only what is best for you so you can be academically proficient and grow as a person in your own unique way. 

Developed and operated by TPC, Inc.

Inaugurated and blessed on June 30, 2019


This building stands on the site of what used to be a 15-door apartment constructed in 1969 by our hardworking parents Vicente M. Cuevas Jr. and Teresita P. Cuevas. 

After 50 years, it has been transformed into what it is today: 1318 College Residences.